Saturday, November 20, 2010


My name is Roger Labbe. I'm a remodeling and flooring contractor and a Bio-feedback Clearing Practitioner. I have 2 beautiful teenage daughters that are my pride and joy. I've been contracting for about 25 years or so. About 1 year ago, some sociopath starting libeling me on line. I found this out by a friend of mine who Googled my name. This sick person wrote via Complaints Board, "Beware  this man is a rapist. Look him in handcuffs in 1987." I have lived a very clean  and moralistic life. I have never done drugs,  never stole from anybody nor have I ever hurt anybody. So when I first got wind of this--I was mortified. So much so, I had to seek professional help. I had been diagnosed with a moderate case of PTSD from this experience.. I was experienceing sever anxiety, unrelenting headaches, and nightmares--just to name a few. So I was told there was nothing I could do except hire one of the Reputation Defender Companies. So I did that with the hope it was going to erase or eliminate this egregious atrocity. Well much to my dismay, and $1500.00 dollars later, this content is still there. I was told to reach out to the webmaster of that site and notify them of this. If this doesn't work, I have been told by a prominent Boston lawyer, he'll will go after "ALL" the parties involved Pro Bono. This atrocity is happening to a lot of innocent people. I hope contacting the webmaster of that site works other wise, I'm going to reveal to the world, through the courts and the press, just how easy it is to ruin somebodies good name. Stay tuned This is not over Nov 20, 2010  11.48 AM

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm never good enough in my eye's

I've become aware of something new in the past couple of months. Something we assume is part of living in a fast passed society like ours. What I'm talking about of course is stress. I'm not talking about the type of stress that fully functional, taxpaying Americans have to endure like paying bills, putting food on the table etc. I'm talking about the type of stress so deeply entrenched in our psyches, that it has become part of who we are, and what has mercilessly controlled us. What I'm talking about, is the feeling of inferiority. The feeling that you’re not good enough, and not worthy. The nature of this stress works like this. You feel inadequate and less than, so you find yourself over compensating for these perceived short comings. You unconsciously drive yourself to achieve more than others. The feelings of self-fulfillment and satisfaction that you are always seeking are never felt. In the coming weeks and months, I'm going to explore these phenomena, and then offer ways to help people over come this illness. I have been amazed in the last few years on the healing powers of Bio-clearing. Bio-clearing is one of the fastest ways to locate and then eradicate NME thoughts. NME thoughts are negative mental energies that we carry around with us (e.g. upsets and disappointments/guilt/ conflicts and anger/ fear and all its manifestations) which inturn controlls our lives. Always wanting and seeking but never truly arriving. To be continued..............

Friday, November 12, 2010

Biofeedback Clearing is the most effective form of one-on-one counselling I know of. It dismantles the reactivity of the human mind and associated behaviors. What gradually emerges are increased abilities, intelligence, and memory. It's use is to help able people become more able.I began learning this method  under the instruction of Hank Levine in 1998. Hank levine is founder of the Clearing Institute in California. He was a student of L. Ron. Hubbard . Although this type of emotional clearing is traditionally practitioner based, you can now apply the technology yourself, to clear your own problems, etc. Thus, you have total control over your personal development and healing.
This process demands personal discipline, diligent study and application for quite a period of time. It also requires persistence and consistency.
The rewards are many and great: an increase in emotional intelligence and a stable, happy life are a couple of benefits. To be continued......