Friday, November 12, 2010

Biofeedback Clearing is the most effective form of one-on-one counselling I know of. It dismantles the reactivity of the human mind and associated behaviors. What gradually emerges are increased abilities, intelligence, and memory. It's use is to help able people become more able.I began learning this method  under the instruction of Hank Levine in 1998. Hank levine is founder of the Clearing Institute in California. He was a student of L. Ron. Hubbard . Although this type of emotional clearing is traditionally practitioner based, you can now apply the technology yourself, to clear your own problems, etc. Thus, you have total control over your personal development and healing.
This process demands personal discipline, diligent study and application for quite a period of time. It also requires persistence and consistency.
The rewards are many and great: an increase in emotional intelligence and a stable, happy life are a couple of benefits. To be continued......

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