Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm never good enough in my eye's

I've become aware of something new in the past couple of months. Something we assume is part of living in a fast passed society like ours. What I'm talking about of course is stress. I'm not talking about the type of stress that fully functional, taxpaying Americans have to endure like paying bills, putting food on the table etc. I'm talking about the type of stress so deeply entrenched in our psyches, that it has become part of who we are, and what has mercilessly controlled us. What I'm talking about, is the feeling of inferiority. The feeling that you’re not good enough, and not worthy. The nature of this stress works like this. You feel inadequate and less than, so you find yourself over compensating for these perceived short comings. You unconsciously drive yourself to achieve more than others. The feelings of self-fulfillment and satisfaction that you are always seeking are never felt. In the coming weeks and months, I'm going to explore these phenomena, and then offer ways to help people over come this illness. I have been amazed in the last few years on the healing powers of Bio-clearing. Bio-clearing is one of the fastest ways to locate and then eradicate NME thoughts. NME thoughts are negative mental energies that we carry around with us (e.g. upsets and disappointments/guilt/ conflicts and anger/ fear and all its manifestations) which inturn controlls our lives. Always wanting and seeking but never truly arriving. To be continued..............

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